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Several months ago, the feminist bookstore Portlandia films at put a “Fuck Portlandia” sign on their front window. The store, In Other Words, recently explained their reasoning in their blog. Basically, the store no longer wants to be associated with Portlandia.

The store claimed that the Portlandia crew mistreated their staff, left the store a mess, and made neighboring stores close for a full business day without warning. In addition, In Other Words claimed to make no money from the show and that tourists would take selfies outside instead of shopping in their store.

Furthermore, the store staff says that the feminist bookstore segments are trans-misogynistic, trans-antagonistic, and “straight up not funny.” Even though the show may offend some people, the Women and Women First bits had a few good quotes here and there. Here are some of Toni and Candace’s sassiest moments on the show.

1. “Every time you point I see a penis.”


2. “This is my full extension. We cannot get it for you. I can’t reach it.”


3. “This is not a back alley, hooker, pimp transaction.”


4. “Are you some kind of gender detective?”


5. “What a journal should be is a document of misery.”


6. “What are you drinking?” “It’s cap-a-tu-tu-tu tea.”


Tea 2

7. “This is a private dance. This is a dance you do in your backyard and there’s a full moon.”





8. “It’s a top selling author. Do we want that in here?”


9. “We’re about to freak out right now. We’re about two seconds away from jumping up on this table and kicking everything in sight, which by the way is our own property.”

Freaking Out

10. “It’s a pullover jacket for my daughter.” “So you own your daughter?”





11. “I will hold your hand, and go out into the street, and make us both get hit by a car.”


Will Toni and Candace come back without their bookstore? It could make for an interesting story line. We’ll have to wait and see in the next season of Portlandia.


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