11 Starbucks Red Cups That Should Be Made

I correctly predicted Starbucks’ red cup design for 2016! They used original cup designs from people all over the world.

Check out my original article at https://www.theodysseyonline.com/11-starbucks-red-cups

Starbucks is bringing back its seasonal red cups on November 10 and there will probably be controversy over the next design. It will be too plain, too religious, not religious enough, or whatever else people are offended by.

At least Starbucks isn’t keeping the green cup around for the holidays. The company unveiled a cup designed by Shogo Ota that stitched many people together to celebrate unity. That cup was meant to be around for the election season and some people thought it would replace the red cup this year.

Last year, Starbucks featured a plain ombre red cup and encouraged people to drawn on their cups in an Instagram contest. From looking at the red cup collection website, the company has some great ideas right in front of them. Here are 11 red cups that should be made.

1. Merry and Bright


You could write anything in this font and I will be impressed. Cool typography would be great on a cup if it could look good with a cup sleeve.

2. Lines and Doodles


The artist created designs stemming out from the Starbucks logo, featuring a single snowflake.

3. Snowflakes


The single snowflake/star design is simple and it works.

4. Holly


5. Celebration


This one would be good for New Year’s. The cup features two women in gold clinking glasses.

6. Spread Joy


So much detail is in this design. The artist used the logo as the “o” in “joy” and used many elements from the season.

7. Candy Canes


It’s so cute!

8. Noel


Clearly, this cup is very similar to the “Spread Joy” cup in the overall style. However, I can’t see the company using this cup because it has elements that are overly specific to one religion. I still admire the design.

9. Holiday Lights


10. Gold Lines


11. The Grinch


I like how playful this cup design is. The Grinch is attempting to take the ornament version of the Starbucks logo.

If the Starbucks cup fails to impress, you can find a way to make the cup look the way you want with a Sharpie.


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