Hiking in the Pacific Northwest

Winter officially started, but I am thinking about what it was like to go hiking in warm weather.

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Summer is almost over, but there is still time for a weekend getaway to the great outdoors. If you happen to be in the Pacific Northwest, you should check out Mount St. Helens.

The stunning drive to this famous volcano will make you forget about your lack of phone service. Depending on traffic, this location is approximately 3.5 hours south of Seattle and 2 hours north of Portland.

You can spend your day exploring the Ape Caves, zip-lining, horseback riding, geocaching, elk viewing or whatever you please. However, this article will give you an inside look at my hike on the Lewis River Trail.

Drive to the TrailSeriously, the drive was beautiful. With that being said, I was a big fan of trail itself. The hike started with a full view of the Lewis River.

Rushing River

The trees are towering. Did you know that a ring of the tree represents one year? The rings closest to the bark are the youngest.

More Trees

The river can be seen throughout the hike. Usually, it is nearby and calm. The rest of the time, it is at the bottom of a cliff. Don’t look down!

Side of the River

The Lewis River Trail is a great spot for mountain biking.

Mountain Biking

You can get in big trouble for hurting their trout!


This little guy will turn into a Lophocampa maculata – aka a moth.


On a sunny day, you should wear a baseball cap to shade your eyes. It’s a hiking essential. ‘Sco ducks!

Sco Ducks

Get your hiking gear and head on over to one of the charming trails by Mount St. Helens! If you decide to go camping and have some extra time, there are plenty of things to do here. Have fun!


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