11 Stocking Stuffers For Creative People

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As a digital arts major, I know any artist would be happy with getting a drawing set for Christmas. However, I found a list of gifts from across the internet that go above-and-beyond the basic art set. These gifts are small enough to fit in a stocking and the prices range from $8-$49.95. They are great for writers, graphic designers, photographers, and pretty much anyone interested in art.

1. Smartphone Camera Lenses

LensCamRah iPhone Camera Lens Kit with 3 Universal Lenses, Fisheye Wide Angle and Macro, 2 Lens Clips, Octopus Tripod, storage bag, www.amazon.com, $19.99

2. Polaroid Magnet Set


Imagine covering your refrigerator in Polaroids.

Instax Photo Sleeve Magnet Set, www.urbanoutfitters.com, two for $10

3. Mini Sketchbooks


These books are too cute to not doodle in.

Mini Sketchbooks (Set of 3), www.shopspring.com, $14

4. Mini Cinema Lightbox


Cinema Lightbox, www.photojojo.com, $30

5. Mini Desk Calendar


New year, new calendar. If you know your creative friend very well, get them a little calendar of their favorite city or animal.

2017 Paris Mini Desk Calendar, www.papyrusonline.com, $9.71

6. Flipbook Kit


Once you assemble this kit, you will have your own little movie machine! It comes with the historical galloping horse scene, but you can use blank cards to make your own animation.

Flipbookit Craft, www.flipbookit.com, $29.95

7. 642 Tiny Things To Write About


This book is full of witty writing prompts that will help inspire a creative writer.

642 Tiny Things To Write About Journal, www.barnesandnoble.com, $9.95

8. Hand Lettering Guide


Hand Lettering Ledger, www.amazon.com, $12.59

9. FiftyThree Digital Stylus

StylusThis stylus is as thick as a pencil and is perfect for artists that use Apple tablets.

FiftyThree Digital Stylus Pencil for iPad, iPad Pro, and iPhone, www.amazon.com, $49.95

10. Andy Warhol Idea Journal


Let the images and thoughts of Andy Warhol inspire your artist.

Andy Warhol Idea Journal, www.amazon.com., $13.99

11. Socks


I’ve probably received socks for Christmas every year. Everybody needs socks, right? There are many cool socks out there for the creative type of person.

White Pink Blue Cats Women’s Dress Socks – K. Bell, www.boldsocks.com, $8

If you can’t find something from this list, consider making your own gift. If you know your creative friend well, I’m sure they would appreciate something personal and handmade.The possibilities are endless.


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