Cool Gift Wrap And Where To Get It

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The holidays are here and it is time to not only think about what gifts to give, but also how you will give them. While I am not the best at wrapping presents, I can give you advice about what wrapping paper to buy.

I found 19 examples of beautiful gift wrap from across the web, even though it may be a bit on the feminine side. Some of these can be bought online and some can be made yourself.

1. Wild Holiday Animals


Who doesn’t like animals?

Wild Holiday Animals Gift Wrap,, $9.79

2. Nordic Sweater


Nordic Sweater Gift Wrap,, $8.95

3. Watercolor


With clean designs like these, there are so many opportunities to use cool ribbons and gift tags.

Aqua Watercolor Wrapping Paper,, $8.95

4. Rapping Paper


For your friend that likes rap music and has a sense of humor.

Christmas Rap Wrapping Paper (Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg),, $4.56

5. Chalkboard


You can draw all over this one with a chalk marker.

Chalkboard Wrapping Paper Roll,, $7.99

6. Buffalo Plaid


Buffalo Plaid Wrapping Paper,, Flat Sheet: $2.95, Roll Wrap: $8.95

7. DIY Star Wars


Check out this guide on how to make this wrapping paper yourself at

8. Customized Wrapping Paper


Use your own photos and add your family name to this design.

Merry Christmas Wrapping Paper,, Starting at $15

9. Marble


Marble textures have been trending this year.

Marble Gift Wrap,, $14

10. Pressed Foliage

PressedYou could probably make this paper yourself.

Pressed Foliage Gift Wrap,, $14

11. Feliz Navidad

Rifle Paper Co

Rifle Paper Co. makes beautiful quirky designs and they are known for their stationery.

Feliz Navidad Gift Wrap,, $8.50

12. Customizable Typographic


Bold Brush Holiday Wrapping Paper,, $15

13. Lokta Gift Paper


This handmade paper comes in a set of four with two of each type pictured. Lokta Gift Paper,, $14

14. Candy Cane

Pepperminty Prismatic Gift Wrap,, $9.95

15. Map


Why not wrap your gift in a map of your favorite city?

Portland Wrapping Paper,, $4.95

16. Donuts

DonutsDonut Open ‘Til Christmas,, $15

17. DIY Paint Splatter/Brush Strokes


This guide explains how to make four different kinds of gift wrap with paint and labels. All you need is craft paper, white paint, and a paint brush.

18. Birch Bark

Birch Bark

Birch Bark Recycled Gift Wrap,, $8.95

19. The Grinch

GrinchThe Grinch is a classic.

Dr. Seuss The Grinch Wrapping Paper,, $4.99

Hopefully this list inspired you to make your own beautiful wrapping paper or put more consideration into the look of the paper you buy. Your friends and family will love it!


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