12 Best SNL Sketches of 2016

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As season 41 of Saturday Night Live ended and season 42 began, new cast members and writers brought their skills to the table. It seems like this season is better than the last with great episodes from hosts like Tom Hanks and Dave Chappelle.

I’ve narrowed down 12 of the best SNL sketches of 2016 after hours of binge watching this show during winter break. Watch them all because they are all marvelous.

1. Star Wars Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

SNL found an original way to make a sketch about Star Wars.

2. Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins)

Tom Hanks hosted a great SNL episode this season. His role as David S. Pumpkins in the haunted elevator sketch was bizarre enough to be hilarious. So weird, yet so funny!

3. Election Night

This sketch is relatable, considering I go to the University of Oregon.

4. Golden Globes

This sketch shows what goes on at home when the parents are at the Golden Globes.

5. Bern Your Enthusiasm

Larry David referenced Curb Your Enthusiasm in this Bernie Sanders sketch.

6. Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump


Alec Baldwin has been killing it this season with his Trump impression.

7. Kyle vs. Kanye

Kyle Mooney is an aspiring rapper who challenges Kanye West to a rap battle.

8. Crucible Cast Party (ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda)

Cast members of a high school play sing about what goes on at their wild cast party.

9. Wells For Boys

“Check out other cool new toys for our sensitive boy line, like balconies for when they are ready to announce something or a shattered mirror to examine the complex contradictions of their being.”

10. A Day Off

Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon), Trump’s campaign manager, takes a day off and has to go back to work seemingly every time Trump tweets something.

11. Hillary Actually

Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) asks an elector to change her vote in her favor in this recreation of this classic scene from Love Actually.

12. Pool Boy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as a married woman who is having trouble ending her affair with her dumb pool boy, Chad (Pete Davidson).

Bonus Video: Office Hours


Benedict Cumberbatch gives an Oscar-worthy performance as a college professor pouring his heart out to Chad (Pete Davidson), a dumb college student.

These sketches were the best to come out of SNL this season, but there are more to watch. Check out SNL’s YouTube channel here.


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