5 Ways to Improve Your Handwriting

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Do you remember learning cursive in elementary school? By now, that knowledge is probably long forgotten. Do they even teach cursive anymore?

If you’re like me, you likely don’t pay attention to your handwriting. Most of my assignments are typed and submitted online, so does handwriting really matter?

Experts say that handwriting can reveal more than 5,000 personality traits. If someone looks at your notes, would they think you’re lazy, paranoid, and antisocial? In case a friend, boss, or professor needs to look at your writing, it might be good to gain better handwriting skills to avoid leaving a bad impression.

Even though some people say that better handwriting comes from practice, here are some quick tips and tricks that will boost your handwriting game.

1. The Basics


Slowing down and putting more effort into your writing is the first step. Hold your pen differently and try making your letters larger or smaller. Pay attention to how relaxed your hand is and how much pressure you are putting on the paper.

Think about your posture and the position of what you are writing on. Try sitting at a desk instead of writing out your essay in your bed. Write with your paper at different angles and inclines. Find what is most comfortable for you.

2. Relearn Cursive


Take a long, hard look at the cursive alphabet. The “G” and the “Z” get me every time. Print out a few worksheets and practice forming these letters.

3. Fake Calligraphy

Fake Calligraphy

Use a fine tip ink pen, write a letter in cursive, and make a thicker line every time the pen goes downwards.

4. Spice Up Your Notes


Try printing and using different kinds of cursive when you take notes.

5. Write With Chalk


Even though I normally have bad handwriting, I can make a chalkboard look awesome. I usually use a chalk marker and a ruler. Then, I type out what I want to write in the font I like in Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word. You could print the words out and create stencils. I tend to freehand it.

These basic tips should give you an idea of how to make your handwriting better. If you want to take it a step further, consider investing in handwriting workbooks or calligraphy books. Don’t you want to be known as the friend with the snazzy handwriting?


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