Syllabus Week As Told By Modern Family

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The first week of the term (also known as “syllabus week” or “sylly week”) is the best part of the season. School is starting, you get to see your friends again, and the workload is minimal.

With the help of Modern Family, this listicle will show you what goes on during this special week.

1. When you see your friends after summer/winter/spring break


2. You are determined to get straight A+’s this term


3. You attend your first class


4. You consider switching classes after reading the syllabus


5. You get out of class early


7. You notice you have so much free time this week


8. Then you sign up for clubs and intramurals to take up your free time


Maybe you’ll spend your time building a duck village like Phil Dunphy.

9. You start getting assignments for classes


Say goodbye to all that extra free time.

10. Then you realize it’s only going to be worse from here on out


11. You celebrate the end of syllabus week


One week down, so many more to go!

Several weeks later…

Car crash

It’s midterm season and you are still mourning the loss of syllabus week. Your workload is increasing as the weeks go on. Now you regret signing up for those clubs and activities because it is all too much.


Life may be hard, but the term will be over before you know it!


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